Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing With Photos Around Petak Sembilan*

Warning: post may contain shameless self promotion photos.

I may be born and grew up in Jakarta, but I always find interesting things from the city that make me goes,"Oh wow, I didn't know this part of the city." There are parts of the city that are changing and evolving, while other parts are keeping its tradition.

Anyway, two weeks ago I went to Glodok area with Peeyutz to find Lautan Mas, a store that sells diving gears. The store is located on Jl. Toko Tiga. So we took a busway ride and got off at Glodok shelter. 

From the busway shelter, we were supposed to find Jl. Pancoran before heading to Jl. Toko Tiga. So we asked a guard on the busway shelter how to get to the street. His response? "But Pancoran is on Jl. Gatot Subroto." Hmm, that's Pancoran subdistrict, not Jl. Pancoran. In Pancoran district, the names of the streets are Jl. Pancoran Barat, not Jl. Pancoran.

If you're a Jakartan, be honest with me, do you know that there is a street named Jl. Pancoran? Don't be embarrassed to say you don't know, because I also learned about the existence of Jl. Pancoran that day.

Another busway officer told us to walk through the market and the soft bridge and then turn left. As we walked along the shophouses, we noticed that an alley was adorned with lanterns. The alley was teeming with activities, vendors carrying their products, people going shopping and motorcycles passing through.

"Excuse me, what is the name of this alley? Is this Jl. Toko Tiga?" we asked a vendor nearby.
"Oh no, this is Petak Sembilan," the vendor replied.

We decided to take a quick look on the alley and took some photos. Glodok area is the Chinatown of Jakarta, so the decoration of the alley is dominated by the color of red.

You can feel how fast the people are moving there by noticing the guy in the brown shirt in my background. In the first photo he was looking to the left, then in the second photo he already picks up some boxes and poof, he is out from the third photo.

Petak Sembilan is actually famous for the various eateries. But we had to find to shop, remember, so we got back to the rows of shophouses again.

I really like walking along the shophouses again. There were so many vendors selling unique, cheap and (usually) not useful stuffs but I often found myself glancing to their goods.  

Back to our purpose of visit to the area. Did we find the shop? Let's take a look at the next photo.

Yes, we did! Did we buy the wetsuit? Well, Peeyutz did. She bought a very nice Mares wetsuit, worth Rp 1.2 million, thanks to 40 percent discount. The real price was Rp 2 million! Argh. I need to save money first.

Anyway, if you need wetsuit and other diving gears, Lautan Mas will hold the sale until March 31. The shop will close down at 5 p.m. Or if you want to have more option, there will be an exhibition on diving equipment in Jakarta Convention Center between March 31 - April 2.

*Petak Sembilan means Nine Square. It is also called Jl. Kemenangan (Victory Street). 

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  1. I would love to go to Lautan Mas, it is an historical site :)