Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ambition. Dream. Or Both.

My sweeties, how do you define 'ambition' and 'dream'?

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a superior. He told me that I showed no ambition, no drive in my work. He wondered whether it was caused by my family background (I am the only child, with both parents worked, but they retired now and that makes me the sole breadwinner in the house). He further elaborated that he had been invited by big companies and government institutions to visit 60 countries (and six times going to France), thanks to his articles.

To be honest, I was a little bit taken aback with his comments on being ambitionless. No, not the part when he criticized my work. I admit that my writing skill is still far from perfect (it takes some time to express yourself when you're writing in a foreign language). But I do have ambition, I just don't flaunt it to public. 

As I sat in front of the superior, a question or two popped in the back of my head: do we have to have the same ambition? And even if we do have the same ambition, do we have to do the same approach to achieve it?

I do not think so.
Everyone does have an ambition, no matter how simple it may sound. I have a colleague who dream of running a chicken noodle stall, so he can wear white T-shirt, a Good Morning towel across his neck and shorts everyday. He often imagines himself standing behind the cashier, next to the beckoning cat figurine.

I have a college friend who works as a fishmonger in a market. If you're a regular reader to this blog, I'm sure you still remember her. While my friend Aneen is proud of what she does, she still has a dream of opening her own business one day.

Now, just because these friends don't fancy luxurious things as their dreams, it doesn't mean that they have no ambition and no drive. Every dream and ambition matters. As a colleague says, a dream is a wish that your heart makes (thanks for the lovely definition, ARY). The most beautiful thing about having an ambition or a dream is that you have this fire burning inside you. And no, I'm not talking about heartburn or menopause symptoms.

I do have the desire to travel around the world, meet many people and do some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But does it mean that I have to do what the superior did?

I do not think so.

I prefer to save money and do my own traveling. Or if I have the opportunity, I will apply for a fellowship. And this is how I could go to South Korea and Italy. But no matter how far I go, I will always long for a place to call home. For me, traveling is simply a process, not a goal or an ambition.

If you want to know my dream, well, I want to grow my own food, or for easier meaning: I want to be a farmer. This dream may be the result of reading Laura Ingalls books when I was a kid. People may look down on farmer, but I think it is the most honest profession. The farmers take care of the earth and receive love from Mother Nature. Also, it is fun to play with dirt, soak under the sun and see the plants growing.

I don't know if I can ever fulfill the dream. So for now, I simply take great joy in everything that I do.

How about you? What is your dream?


  1. I bet I know who the 'superior' is you're talking about :D. Have heard another friend of ours asked that similar question.

    Anyway, I think your dream of becoming a farmer is cool! Have you made your plan or way to realize it? I have this former reporter friend of mine who left the job just 2 years ago to open a chicken farm business in his hometown somewhere in Central Java (or is it East? I forgot). He's still in the business now, and I think he really enjoys his job (from his tweets on his chickens and all). So, really, it is not impossible to realize such dreams. Do you have somewhere in mind for the farm location, and what kind of farming exacty it is that you're dreaming of?

  2. Well, prepare your wittiest answer if he asked that question:P.

    No, I haven't got any idea. My parents won't even hear of it. They believe farmers will never have good future. Sad. This is one of those moments when I wish I have another sibling, so that sibling can fulfill my parent's dream, while I fulfill my own dream.

    But if one day they let me do it and I have the money, I'd like to raise dairy cows and start my own cheese brand, or ice cream, or other dairy products. I love milk and dairy products! The location should be somewhere in the mountain:)

  3. Dairy cow farm! Now I really like that idea. I imagine the location would be like one in New Zealand; definitely u can open it for tourists, too, then :D.

    My parents have four kids, so I'm quite free to chase whatever my dream is; but even so, u know my 'ultimate dream' is rather hard to reach (still not impossible, that's why i keep hopeful).

    As for the boss, well... actually since he asked that other friend of ours the question, I've been wondering why he never asks me on that yet, eventho I've come to him quite often; you know, for the reference letter and all.

  4. I'll open my farm for anyone! You can come too!

    There is no easy dream. So let's work it out:)

    Errr, perhaps we are talking about different 'superior' here because I know who you're talking about. We'll talk about this when I'm back to office:)