Monday, March 28, 2011

Father-Daughter Moments

M&D leave each other's side when they're visiting my grandmother. I guess it's the adult way to have me-time. It is during the absence of my mother that I realize how funny my father is.
Below are excerpts of conversations I had with D when M was away.

#1. Eating
Me: What do you want for breakfast?
D : Nothing. I'll buy it at a nearby food stall. Or I make it myself.
Me: Noodles? Omelette? Fried rice?
D : No, I don't feel like eating anything now. Maybe later. (He's a picky eater)
Me: Okay.
(Then I cooked something for myself. A few minutes later I sat and ate.)
D : Hey, what's that?
Me: Oh, this is the chicken M left for us in the fridge.
D : That looks good. How about if you make another one like that?
Me: Sure (Aha, now I know how to make him eat!)

#2. Watch (or being watched by) the TV
Situation: D watched a boxing match. I was doing something, so I walked between the kitchen and the living room.
Me: Are you watching this?
D : Yes.
A few minutes later, I found D sleeping on the bench. I switched to another channel.
D : Hey, why do you change it? I'm watching. (suddenly wake up)
Me: Okay (switched back to boxing match)
--This conversation would take place again every 10 minutes

#3. Sleeping
Me: What are you planning to do today?
D : I don't know. There's a keroncong practice this afternoon. But I don't feel like going.
Me: Why? Just go. I'm sure you'll have fun with your friends.
D : I want to sleep at home.
Me: If M is here, you can sleep at home. But if she's not home, why don't you meet your friends?
D : If she's here, she'll be complaining when she sees me sleeping. I can sleep better when she's not around.

#4. Texting
Situation: I saw D holding the cell phone, it seemed he just send a text message to M.
Me: What did you say in the text?
D : I said that "it is safe and spacious here". Hahaha (the devilish kind of laugh)
Me: Well, I guess she feels the same too about being away from us.
D : Hmm, you're probably right. (staring at the cellphone)

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