Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit Cubeland 2010

Ever since my office launched a monthly NIE tabloid in 2008 to entice younger readerships, we have seen a rising number in office visitors. Sometimes the visitors are from universities and high schools, but in other times, the visitors are as young as pre-schoolers.

At first, it was fun to see the enthusiasm of the youths, to answer their questions and to pretend seriously typing the news when you actually were posting a blog (ha!). The tours were usually happened around 1 - 2 p.m. At that time, there aren't many reporters around. So if you happen to be in the newsroom during the tour, you can be an interesting object for the visitors.

The tour guide is usually one of the MEs or the editorial secretary. S/he will bring the students to each desk and introduce us to the visitors.

"And you can see the City desk on your right...This is the City Editor and those are the reporters..." 'the tour guide' said.
Now I know how animals in the zoo feel.
After the zillionth visit, you just don't have any excitement anymore. The magic was gone. Sometimes, when one of the MEs led a group of school children to my cubicle, I quickly stood up and went to the restroom.

I'm just wondering when we will get a visit from L-Men finalists or Cosmo Men finalists. That is one visit I don't want to miss.

Anyway, there is a reason why I call my office Cubeland. It's effing cold! If you set the compass across my office's floor plan and imagine if it were the world, then Sunday, Sport, World, NIE, Weekender, Website, Feature and Opinion desks are located in the northern hemisphere; City desk and the MEs's rooms in the equator; while National, Business, Archipelago, Pagination, Graphic and Photo in the southern hemisphere.

However, the climate in the office differ to the real world. While equator is supposed to be warm, people sitting in the zones of City and MEs suffer from frostbite. I thought it's because I'm a tropical animal that I can't stand the cold. But the copy editors have been complaining about the temperature too. Aha!

Usually the southern and northern hemispheres get warmer climate because they have windows. It's like basking in the sun, literally. Nevertheless, in this rainy season, the air conditioner becomes cooler than usual. 

It's just Cubeland, but it feels as cold as Iceland or Greenland, methinks. Brrr.

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