Monday, October 25, 2010

Backpacking To Ujung Genteng Beach

Hello, everyone! My friend Aneen came from Solo to visit me last week.  She stayed in my place for a few days before visiting her other friends. What would two crazy single ladies do when they meet? We went backpacking to Ujung Genteng beach! Hahaha, that was crazy enough for me.

We didn't really plan this trip for we only browsed the internet a few weeks before our departure. There had been quite a lot of information on Ujung Genteng in the internet, so we could prepare ourselves quite well. Jakarta-Ujung Genteng was only 230 kilometers apart, nevertheless it took us around 10 hours from Jakarta to get there.

We left Bekasi at 10.30 a.m., went to Kampung Rambutan bus terminal and mistakenly took the bus to Ciawi when we were supposed to take a direct bus to Sukabumi. We were a bit panic when we realized that we made a mistake, but then we decided that the best way to enjoy the destination was to cherish the journey. 

From Ciawi, we took a bus to Sukabumi. We had a quick break (lunch and pray) near the terminal before taking angkot (public minivan) to Yogya department store. We bought food supplies there (bottled water, bread and biscuits) and then we walked through Ciwangi market to get to another angkot that would take us to Lembursitu sub terminal.

Ciwangi market is very alive, with people and vehicles going here and there. Can you find me in the picture?
From Lembursitu, we took Elf 300 (another type of public minivan) to Surade. It was a bumpy road and the driver drove like mad. Just when we started to hope that Ujung Genteng was really worth the trip, the sun was setting amidst the green hills and the paddy fields, creating a splash of bright red orange in the cloudy sky above the greenery. Ahh it's just amazing.

Since it was already 8.00 p.m., we decided to spend the night at Yasa hostel (only Rp 65,000). We borrowed a motorcycle from the hostel's security guard to find something to eat. We left the hostel early in the morning to catch another angkot to Surade terminal and then to Ujung Genteng.

When we reached Surade terminal, there were many ojek drivers pushing us to use their service because "there is no angkot here".  But we pretended to look for breakfast and walked out of the terminal. As we stood pondering on what we should do on the roadside, a red angkot passed by and the driver asked us,"Do you want to go to Ujung Genteng?" It was like music to my ear.

Moral of the story: do not fall prey to the ojek drivers' lies. Enough said.

The ride to Ujung Genteng was only 30 minutes or so, and these are the views we saw once we got off the angkot...

This photo above was taken by Aneen, and the rest were mine.

Everything is so beautiful and blue I can't help to flash my happy smile and lean back to rest my feet for a while

It's a tiring journey, but I would say it is worth the trip:)

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