Friday, October 1, 2010

Have A Flirty Weekend:)

Can you guess what I actually said when this photo was taken?

It took only two weeks in Jakarta to start losing the happiness I gained during my three-week fellowship. There are just so many sad news circulating in the city. A priest was stabbed, a riot in front of South Jakarta state courthouse and the latest was the small bomb near my home. Reading the stories (and thinking of the possibility of writing  those as in-depth stories in the future) makes me feeling tired already. I need some loving, Jakarta!

Peeyutz said that she usually flirted to get energy boost. It was a weird advice, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Since I have zero flirting ability, I turned to the internet and found, a website on flirting and pick-up lines. Most are in Bahasa, but we can find some English pick-up lines too. I've posted some in my Facebook account, but I want to share them here. Hope you like them.  

If loving you is wrong, then love me back to make it right.
I lost my heart. Can I have yours?
My future is a question and I believe you are the answer.
I complete your L*FE and U complete my *NIVERSE
I would rather have eyes that can't see, ears that can't hear, lips that can't speak, than a heart that can't love you.

Do you have a good pick-up line? Please share it with me. The best thing about pick-up line is it brightens your day no matter how cheesy it may sound. So send any pick-up line to people you love today. Happy flirting!

PS. If I'm flirting with you, please cooperate:)

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