Monday, October 18, 2010

Edward Hutabarat's Part One Batik Collection

I love batik, yet only have three batik skirts and one shirt. I've been wanting to add more of them in my wardrobe, but haven't found the ones I really like. A few weeks ago, I went to Kao's batik cleaner  launching event that featured Edward Hutabarat's Part One Batik collection. And I just love them! Here they are, taken with my new camera. It was the first time I took photos of a fashion show, so be kind with me please:)

Edo, as people call the designer, uses Pekalongan batik pattern, which is famous for its flora and fauna pattern as well as bright and bold colors, such as orange, red and indigo. In Edo's hands, the traditional fabric becomes the modern dresses women can wear on a daily basis.

The dresses are too revealing for me to wear, I know. But if we add a cardigan, a trousers or a maxi skirt, these dresses will be hijab-proof (ha!).

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