Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Happened In Indonesia Recently

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Please send prayers to Indonesians affected by the earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption...


  1. Assalam-o-AlaikumW.W!
    Allah is giving us a reminder time after time. Just analyse the last decade, you
    ll find Earthquakes , Tsunamis, Floods , bomb blasts, innocent killing etc etc.
    Its time to repent, who knows except Allah, what if this was a last reminder.
    May Allah bless our Indonesia and have mercy upon the Muslims of not only Indonesia infact the whole Muslim Ummah. Amin!

  2. wa alaikum salam wr. wb. thanks for dropping by, anon. i see the natural disaster as a time to reflect, protect the environment and give help to those in need. may Allah bless us. amin.