Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Membership Cards

What is it with Indonesians and customer loyalty cards? It seems that every shop offers this kind of cards. Seriously, if you're living in the capital of Indonesia, chances are at least you have five of them. You may have membership cards for department stores, cosmetic brands and... pharmacies.

Last Sunday I went out with my high school friend L for a major hijab shopping. We went to a hijab store in Rawamangun. And then the girl behind the cashier said those magic words:"Do you have a membership card?"

We didn't have any. But we still bought the hijabs anyway.

From there, we took a bus to Rawamangun bus terminal to a shop for outdoor gear. L wanted to buy a pair of mountain sandals while I was looking for a pair of dry-fit trousers. Yeah, I am that kind of women who mix feminine attires with masculine stuffs.

As we walked to the outdoor gear shop, we found another hijab shop and decided to venture inside. After all, we were already there. Now, the said shop was having a sale and all hijabs were discounted at 30 percent. Then the girl behind the cashier said the tempting words:"If you have the membership card, you can have extra discount."

We said we were not interested. Or just say that the discount was enough to make us happy:).

We left the shop and found the outdoor gear shop nearby. After doing some fitting, we got the stuffs we wanted and were ready to pay. Guess what? The cashier offered us the membership cards because with the card, "you'd get 5 percent discount for every item purchased".


If you're living in Jakarta, tell me how many membership cards do you have? I currently have five and keep adding more!

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