Monday, September 16, 2013

Snippets From My New Office

I've only been in this new office for less than a month and I'm already posting something, it's either the new colleagues are very interesting  or I have too much free time to observe my new colleagues. It's a bit of both, I guess:).

Days Of Leave

The first thing I asked during the job interview was about leave days. My new office gives each employee two days of leave per month and those can be taken on the first month of work, so I'll have eight days of leave until the end of this year and 24 days by the end of 2014. Isn't it great or what? 

Another exciting thing was to learn that my new office gives 16 weeks of maternity leave and four weeks of paternity leave. Wow, not many office offers this kind of leave here in Jakarta. Must. Get. Future Husband. Working. Here.

But I digress.

I just want to say that despite having more leave days, people will always yearn to have more leave days. So here are conversations on days of leave.

NPM: I need to have a leave. Can I take paternity leave?
AA: It's four weeks, including Saturdays and Sundays.
NPM: Whaat? Why are you so cruel to me? Please give me more days.
YS: Hey AA, I thought you said you hate NPM. If you do hate him, give him leave for the whole year so we don't have to see his face until 2014.
NPM: -_-

AA: Mr. CO, you called sick on Aug. 2. Do you have a letter from your doctor for that day?
CO: Umm, unfortunately I don't have any letter.
AA: Then I must take one day from your annual leave.
CO: Umm, okay.
ITA: That 'okay' sounded very repressed. Ahem.
AA: Oh, and Mr. ITA, you also called sick last week. Do you have a letter from your doctor?
ITA: Err, no, I don't have any letter. Well, okay, just take one day from my annual leave.
CO: That 'okay' did not sound very sincere. Ahem.

The Elevator Called Trouble

The new office is currently situated on the sixth floor, but we will soon move to the 20th floor (the highest floor in the building, yikes!). I seriously hope that I don't have to take the fire drill.

CO: There was something wrong with elevator no. 4. It was stuck at the 2nd floor and we couldn't use the communication button. Be careful when you take the elevator, make sure there are other people so you don't get stuck on your own.
AA: Oh dear, it's so scary. And we're about to move to the 20th floor. 
ITA: Actually, it makes a good excuse to come late to office, just say that we have troubles getting the elevator.
AA: -_-

It's A Nursery Ward

My new office is pretty much a female-dominated estrogen-fueled workplace. Of 10 people, six are women and two of them are in the breastfeeding period. Every morning, the mothers use the breast pump while typing on their desk.

When I first heard the buzzing sound, I thought they were doing their hair with a blower. But then I saw the pashmina slung over their breast and the milk in the fridge, and so I concluded. Kudos to all working moms out there!

One morning, they were using the pumps at the same time. The buzzing sounds reverberated throughout the small room.
Me: It sounds like a stiff competition.
CO: It sounds like cars racing down the circuit 
ITA: Yeah, like a Tamiya car competition
HRA (one of the mothers): Jack, don't use the phone here, go over there will you?!
Jack: Oops, sorry ma'am.

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  1. Funny you said that your new office is like a nursery ward. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts about your new office.