Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When People Bug Me For My Single Status, I Reiterate This Quote

It's either I have to make myself a good woman to have a good man or there aren't any good men around me yet.

I've mentioned it, and I'll still be posting it anyway: weddings and family gatherings are the hardest events a single 30-something woman should attend. If you're not attending, people will wonder if you have a personal hatred with the bride/groom, but if you do come, relatives will sidle up next to you while you're chowing down that macaroni schotel just to find out if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or the lack there of. And the why, oh the why.

Never mind that you have that killer job other people are vying, or that you are financially independent, or that you dress modestly. When you are single, it means you don't respect your parents and are not a complete person.


Just because one is still single, it doesn't mean that the person wants to be single for the rest of their lives. Perhaps they just haven't found their significant other who clicks in that certain frequency. If one should live with another person for the rest of their lives, they should know what kind of person they marry. 

I have had my share being called as "picky" and "snob". Rather than "picky", I prefer the word:"selective". Why can't I be selective? Even my mother chooses the vegetables carefully before she buys them. And here we are talking a lifetime commitment, instead of a package of green leaves.

I'm not going to lower my standards just because I'm now 30-something. My future husband must have a job (read:be responsible for his future wife and kids), should be a looker (or at least take a good care of his body, smokers please use the exit door) and knows how to make me laugh.

Sorry for venting, I just need to get this out of my chest. Especially with another cousin wedding in the upcoming weeks. So help me God.

Oh, and one more lovely quote for all the single women out there:

PS. I forgot the photos sources. If you know, just send me the links and I'll fix it.

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  1. I agree with you.. thanks for posting that, you spoke out my words from my heart xD