Monday, September 2, 2013

An Hour At Suropati Park

I had one hour to kill before the event at Bappenas, so I walked to Suropati park, which is right across the ministry. My watch read 8:20 a.m. The park visitors were mostly joggers and photography hobbyists snapping photos with their expensive DSLR cameras.

The sun had risen in full force. But the water from the water sprinklers circling around like a ballet dancer on stage lowered the temperature. Some of the benches were wet. I took a close look at the benches before sitting down. Yellow leaves fell from the big trees. I leaned back and sighed.

When is the last time you really sit down amidst the greenery and let things be? For me, the last moment took place last year in the Mariyinsky Park, Kiev. A lot of things have happened between then and now. I've never really given myself enough time to reflect on things that matter, I sort of let myself be engulfed and be carried away. Is that a bad thing to do to yourself?

The park is a haven amidst the traffic jams that encircle the area. Not only does the park provide a rest area for humans, it is also home for the pigeons.  As I sat there, typing this on my iPod, the pigeons were suddenly flying towards Jl. Teuku Umar.

An old man approached slowly, with a red plastic bag in his hands. The pigeons gathered around and the man threw bird foods to the ground. After all foods were thrown, the man walked away and the bird continued their breakfast.

The park cleaners swept the leaves. One of them carried a long bamboo pole and shook the tree branches with it to make the yellow leaves fell to the ground. It's raining leaves! I wish I were a little kid so I could run under the falling leaves without making other people raised their eyebrows.

The falling leaves disturbed some of the photography hobbyists. They walked away, while complaining in whispers. I glanced at my watch. It's time to attend the meeting. I got up and crossed the road.

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