Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Conversation With Cool Boss

Last week, the office held an editorial rotation, and the National desk got new editors, who happened to be the two nice editors from the Sunday desk. One of them is Cool Boss! Yay! 
Unfortunately, I will have a new desk in January, so I only have three weeks more to work with them. Nevertheless, I'm happy for my friends at National desk, because the new editors are truly heaven-sent. They know the issues and have great editing style. 
Anyway, currently only Cool Boss handles the desk because the other boss is taking leave. All the female reporters adore Cool Boss, and below are just some excerpts of conversation happening behind the cubicle particle boards.

Him: So what's the story today? 
She: blablabla
Him: Ok, get it done as soon as possible. The quickest person who finish will receive a gift
She: -_-
Him: What's the story today?
She: blablabla
Him: Ok, get it done ASAP so you can go to heaven
She: -_-
Him: I lost my iPod! Did I leave it here?
She: It wasn't iPod that you left here, but your heart
Him: -_-
Him: You will have to report to (mention old boss' name) on Sunday, she'll stand in only for that day because it's my day off 
She: -_-
Him: Why makes that face? I can't work everyday. I need a day off.
She: But I think you are Superman
Him: Really? Oh, thanks :)

She#1: (she#1 is a City cub reporter, walks to the cubicle of a National reporter and sees the new boss' email address on a piece of paper) Wait a minute. Why is he giving you that email address to you? It's different than what he has given to us in City desk.
She#2: Oh, really? Well, I guess it's a special email only for us in National *asks for a slap in the face, really*
She#1: -_-


  1. hi tiffany, thanks for visiting! yes, they're awesome, but they're as rare as rhinos:)

  2. Heaven should have sent him earlier; but, well, I guess things happen for a reason. Feeling happy for you; and good luck for you! :)

  3. thanks wida, things do happen for a reason. wish u the same :)