Wednesday, December 28, 2011

360 Photography

A 360 photo on Babakan Siliwangi forest corridor, Bandung, West Java, by Chandra Mirtamiharja, a Bandung-based photographer. See more works here.

When I went to Mount Anak Krakatau, which is also an island, my colleague Ipa made several 360 photos with her iPhone (see them here). I stumbled upon such photos today, when I blogwalked (is that a word?) to Design by Vitarlenology blog.
And then, Uncle Google shows me more of these photos. They look a bit surreal, don't they?

Traditional pottery shop at Banyumulek. Photographed by idVR360

The coastline to the east of Jakarta is largely developed, small fishing villages still exist, living on the fish they catch along the shore and further out to sea. Found here. Photographed by Martin Bloomfield

For better viewing, I suggest you to click the images in their original source and enjoy the 360 sensation. Have fun, guys. I know I do:).