Monday, December 19, 2011

The Funny, Forgetful And Geeky Parents I Have

Sleeping with eyeglasses on

Overhearing the conversations in my home can result in giggles. Here are some samples.

The Mysterious Case Of  Eyeglasses
Situation: D is waking up from his nap and walking to the backyard slowly, still looking sleepy.
D: Why is everything so clear? How come I already have my eyeglasses on?
M: You're sleeping with it on. That's why.

Mysterious menu
Situation: during dinner.
M: Would you like to eat this chicken?
D: Yes, sure. Thanks, dear.
(A few minutes later)
D: Hey, what is this? (pointing at something on his plate with his fork)
M: That's chicken.

Ask A Friend Or 50:50?
Situation: during leisure time, I filled in a crossword quiz.
Me: Hey D, what is (put the clue here)? It starts with (insert a letter here), have (place a number here) letters and ends with (insert another letter here).
D: What did I just hear? You need help? Would you like to ask a friend? Or the first rank? (He's imitating presenters of quiz show 'Ranking 1')
Me: *facepalm*


  1. wkwkwkwk, babe yang lucu..
    rencan liburan ngambang nih.... susah nyamain waktunya

  2. maafkeun. atau ai liburan duluan aja, nanti kita ketemuan berdua untuk ngobrol dan wisata kuliner aja. kan udah lama juga gak ketemuan. hmm, udah setahun yak? ckckck