Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Star Is Born

Source: here

Since I've started the week with a picture of the sky, it seemed things have led me to find other outer space phenomenon and object. For example, the lunar eclipse last week and the pictures taken by Hubble telescope, which I found in this lovely blog.

Anyway, if you have a penchant for some galaxy observation, you'd probably excited to learn that there will be a Geminid meteor rain between Dec. 13-14. It's the last meteor rain this year. I hope the weather is clear. Let's lie down on our back and see the meteors pass by. Read more about it here.


  1. Tif, 20an Desember sd belasan januari sibuk gak???

    rencana berubah pingin ke Green Canyon di tasik nih.. tapi kudu nginep, soale perjalannannya yang agak lama

  2. jelang natal dan taun baru agak susah, krn aku musti masuk, gantian sama teman2 yg merayakan hari besar. trus minggu kedua januari aku ada janji diving sama teman. umm, kl minggu ke-3 januari gimana? mulai januari aku libur sabtu-minggu kyknya. nanti aku tanya bosku ya.