Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Healthy Choice

Rather than cruising the congested streets of Jakarta, it would be nice to do my works at a cafe that serves good food and good wi-fi. Last week, I went to interview Indonesia's chief negotiator for climate change along with Mbak Brigitta from Kompas daily. Afterwards, she asked me to accompany her to type in Healthy Choice, one of the restaurants there that serves foods made from organic materials.

The meals are good (and expensive, I must say! But since she paid the bill, I couldn't complain). The waiter's service was excellent. He knew from the beginning that we need wi-fi, so he tried to help with the connection and other stuffs ("Would you like to have your meal now? If you're still typing, we can serve it later," he said. Wow, that's what I call waiter of the year!).

Lavender tea, causes sleepiness. We can refill the pot for three times. 

Soup of the day: broccoli soup

Grilled dory, served with red rice and vegetable. This is Mbak Brigitta's meal. I got to taste a bite, and I really loved the lemon sauce!

Yakidon, fried udon with dory strips. This is mine. Yum!

Mbak Brigitta at work:).

Thanks for treating me dinner, Mbak Brigitta. Next time, it's on me!

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