Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello, lovelies! How was your week? Hope you guys had fun. Mine actually went bad, with my bosses refusing me to go on my fellowship to attend COP17 in Durban, South Africa for a very weird reason. They said I was not productive. What the? I guess the real reason was more about office politic. 

Not quite remember how I got through the week, but I'm still alive, so keep out for my future breakthrough, you bitchy bosses! Hahaha. Naaah, I'm a peaceful person.

Anyway, today sees many weddings (one of my cousins got married today) and births (there were parents who'd like to have their babies born on this date). Today is also the start of SEA Games, a biennial multi-sport event involving participants from the 11 current members of Association of South East Asian Nation (Asean). 

Besides attending my cousin's wedding, I had a small reunion with my colleagues. Meeting with your friends does give you a refreshing moment. We ended up making plans for next year. I'm excited already!

This is not an iPhone advertisement. Hahaha. Taken by Dre.

What is the event happening today in your life?


  1. demam!!!! haha.... asyik noh, bisa jalan2 ke afrika?? tapi sekarang disana juga lagi musim dingin kah???

  2. 11. 11 celebrated as pepero day in Korea :)

  3. ai, kantorku gak kasih izin pergi, huhuhu. padahal itu fellowship yang kumenangkan, bukan undangan dari kementerian.

    aku dah gak apa2 kok, sudah kurelakan, jika memang berjodoh dengan afrika, suatu hari pasti ke sana juga. afrika selatan dan australia itu kan di selatan, jadi desember justru lagi musim panas.

    rahayu, pepero day? sounds delicious (imagining peperoni).

  4. hihi, ketahuan deh buta geografi..... kayaknya si tidung di tunda dulu,,,, request pada minta arung jeram... ke Citarik, tertarik????

  5. ai, boleh tuh citarik. kapan? kabarinya 2 minggu sblmnya ya? biar aku bisa minta cuti:)

  6. Aih, it's us! But the picture is not too clear here :D

  7. i chose this pic on purpose. i was afraid a producer would make us movie stars if i put the clear photo :P