Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crediting Your Photo And Post

Found via Frolic

Last week, I happened to stumble upon two posts (here and here) about plagiarism on internet. The former took down the said post, as explained in this post, the latter belongs to my friend. It's not the first time I heard about such thing. 

As a wordsmith and a photography fan I feel concerned about the issue of crediting the photo and post. To tell you the truth, sometimes I still forget the source of the photos I use. But I do try to credit all images and writings in this blogs. As you can see on the picture above, it is an easy-to-follow guide on how to credit the photo that I found at Frolic. You can also apply it for posts and other written words.

Stay true to yourself, stay original. Hm, it can be the new Youth Pledge.

Have a terrific Tuesday, mes chers amis!


  1. wah, aku malah suka credit secara umum aja, masih mending tifa creditnya per foto, haha...
    iyaaa takut juga ya kalo tiba2 ada yang nagih atau lebih parahnya surat dari pengacara, huuu syeyem...

  2. aku juga kadang2 lupa sumbernya, ai. akhir2 ini aku copas linknya trus simpen di satu word document khusus berisi web2 sumber foto. makanya biar gak lupa, sengaja bikin postingan tentang kredit foto dan post. it's a reminder for myself too:)

  3. Thank you for spreading the word!

  4. Wah, Makasih mba Tifa buat infonya. Diingatkan lagi soal credit foto +kata-kata ^^~

  5. Chelsea, you're welcome. Thanks for allowing me to use the image.
    Rahayu, sama-sama. Mari kita saling mengingatkan:)

  6. terimakasih infonya, kadang saia juga lupa hehehe

  7. Yakuza_emina, sama2. semoga ini bisa jadi pengingat buat kita semua