Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Diving Stars

Since I started diving last year, I've been discovering that many Indonesian actors and public figures are actually doing it too. It's wonderful to read that the aquatic sport has sparked their love and concern toward the ocean. Below are just several diving celebrities that I know.
Nadine Chandrawinata
Found here. If I'm not mistaken the photographer is Andy Chandrawinata

After she was elected as the 2005 Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata has been diving her way across Indonesia. When I interviewed her in 2009, she already pocketed the Rescue license (the third star diver license). Wow. Never mind that she made a mistake during the Miss Universe interview, she has other forte and it's diving.

That photo of her above is really taken underwater, instead of being Photoshop-ed.

Marcel Chandrawinata
Source: top photo, bottom photo (Nadine and Marcel do the reef clean up)

Being the brother of Nadine, Marcel caught the diving bug quickly from his diving sister. He even expands this diving hobby into a business by opening a resort in Raja Ampat islands. Wow!

Nicholas Saputra
Found here

Just four words: Dive with me, Nico! *nosebleeding*

Ringo Agus Rahman

I read about actor Ringo's new hobby during the flight from Belitung to Jakarta as he was featured in an in-flight magazine. Ever since he caught the diving bug, he had been saving the money he made from acting for diving. He said that he wanted to explore the depth of seas while he could. He also promised that when he was married, he would take his wife to dive together. Aww, isn't that sweet?

Denada Tambunan
 Denada at a dive spot in Tulamben, Bali. Photographer Kaufik Anril. Found here.

Singer Denada has started diving since 1997. But then she stopped diving for a brief moment. Now she returns to explore the Indonesian underwater world, with her boyfriend photographer Jerry Aurum, who also loves to dive.

If you know other Indonesian stars who love to dive, please let me know.


  1. satu hal yang ku mau juga... tapi blm kesampean...
    Tifa, ajariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn

  2. aku juga masih belajar kok, ai. mulai dari snorkeling aja dulu.

    kalo udah liat keindahan alam dasar laut indonesia dari permukaan dengan snorkeling, pasti akan penasaran liat dari dekat dengan diving.

    tidungnya kapan ya? *colek ai*

  3. lho, aku nunggu kabar dari tifa soal info biaya. Katanya mau nanya temen???

  4. temenku lagi ke korea (huh. iri! hahaha). baru minggu depan ketemu lg.