Monday, November 7, 2011

Every Day Carry

The pictures of socialites who only bring small purses never fail to amaze me. I mean, how do they do it? For me, this picture of me is how you will probably see me on a daily basis. Big bulky backpack with a very unfashionable outfit (jeans and sneakers). Comfort is the best, indeed.

It is a very heavy bag, I assure you. Shot in Hanoi, Vietnam by my Burmese fellow Mya

Most of the times, here are what I bring with me in the bag. 

Laptop and charger (inside the green Frog Suit pouch).
Pocket digital camera.
A small purse for coins.
Foldable bag for shopping.
A make-up purse
USB pens
Notebooks and pens.
Lunchbox (not pictured here).

Looks like a very dedicated journalist, eh? Imagine my surprise when Cool Boss (CB) came to the office without anything, well he's in his clothes of course.

Me: Where's your bag?
CB: Oh, I don't bring that. I only bring my wallet, a notebook, pens and iPod with me, and those stuffs can be put in my pockets.

Another conversation I had with my ex-boss ISA several years ago also assured me to cut down my every day carry. One day I saw him coming to the office wearing a kind of corset.

Me : Why are you wearing that thing?
ISA: I often put my wallet in my back pocket. It propped my butt when I sat down, but I ignored it. As a result, my backbone is now a bit tilting. My doctor told me to wear this corset is to keep my backbone in shape.
Me : Gee, that's scary. What else your doctor told you?
ISA: Another thing that can disrupt your backbone is carrying too much in your bag.
Me : Arghh.

Since then, I've been trying to reduce the load. But it's just too difficult. What are the stuffs you carry to your office? Do you have any tips to cut the amount of stuffs to bring?

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