Monday, August 23, 2010

Loving The Little Things In Life

Menanti Jemputan Di Paltuding (Waiting For A Lift At Paltuding) 
Photo by Andi Ari Setiadi

My darlings, do you love your job? I love mine, although sometimes it takes a toll on me. Dealing with the traffic jams I face when going to the field and back to office and to home, trying to find the sources only to be turned down later, writing the articles but then they are badly mutilated (read:edited), racing against deadlines etc etc. If all of those crushing down at the same time, sometimes I stop believing in the career I chose six years ago.

When that happens, it feels like a flame in my heart is almost burnt out. Someone whose opinion I value highly told me to keep the flame and do something I'm passionate about to avoid it getting burnt out. This is where blogging comes handy:) Other passions I pursue are learning new languages, going to cultural events and taking pictures. However, sometimes those are not enough. Sometimes it's plain boredom.

Then Ramadan comes. This is the month when we reduce our pace of life and be grateful for all those little things we have, such as the food we eat, the roof that hang over our heads, and the job we do to earn a living. Those things look simple and I usually take them for granted, but the truth is not many people can have one or all of those.

I've met people who only eat meat once a year (every Idul Adha). I had a live-in experience with people living under the bridge or in shanties along the riverbanks. I've talked to people who work for pittance, such as collecting trash, selling cheap goods or doing prostitution.

The photo I use in this post is of two sulfur carriers in Kawah Ijen taking a momentary rest. (I made an article about the photo exhibition. I even suggest it for this blog's Weekender ideas.) There are many carriers there. They carry at least 70 kilograms of sulfur for 4.5 kilometers along the mountain's ridge, exposing themselves to the poisonous sulfur gases. After all they have gone through, they only received Rp 600 (6 US cents) for each kilogram they carry. Do your math. The photo above shows that despite the hardship they endure, they still have time to lean back, relax and just enjoy life.  

When I remember them, that flame in my heart goes ablaze. 

Have you ever had boredom at workplace? What do you usually do to keep the spirit?

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