Friday, August 27, 2010

Mudik And The Good News

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Mudik, a Bahasa term meaning to return home, is a nationwide phenomenon that we can see  in Indonesia during Idul Fitri. Mudik comes from the word udik, which means rural areas, village. People will pack their bags and leave the cities to reunite with the elderly who still live in the rural areas just a few days before Ramadan ends.

To do mudik, people use all means of transportation, from airplanes to trains to ships. While Java is the most developed island, the transportation system is still not good yet, so people rely on their private cars and motorcycles. With so many people hitting the road at the same time, traffic congestion takes place everywhere. It feels like seeing the salmons going upstream. If you don't like crowds, then I suggest you stay in the cities.

I've been doing mudik since M&D owned a car in 1982. With D's parents living in West Java's Bandung and M's parents living in Central Java's Kebumen, we would make a stop in Bandung before going to Kebumen. We almost always use Java's southern trail as it is less crowded compared to the northern trail.

Bekasi-Bandung-Kebumen stretches at about 400 kilometers, and we almost always go every year. Every year M&D vow not to do mudik before Ramadan ends, but almost every year I find the three of us trapped in  a traffic congestion either in Cikampek tollroad, or Nagreg, or Malangbong.

There were times when I didn't go though. In 2007, I didn't do mudik because I was still in probation period, I couldn't take a leave. But M&D still went anyway. I was home alone (sobs). I've been telling them to do mudik after Idul Fitri, because D is not as healthy as he used to be. He fell ill every time he overworked himself.

Although I have my driving license, D would never let me drive. Nagreg, which has roads going up and down the mountains, is already a challenge for young driver. Having just celebrated his 62th birthday this year, D would find getting stuck in Nagreg as a torture.

Last year, we did mudik after Idul Fitri, so we're not fasting and it's a lot easier for D. This year, however, M&D and I will do something we've never done before. Ah, this is the moment to tell you the good news.

*drum rolls*

Dear people, remember this post? And also this one?

It is with great joy to tell you that I'm going to South Korea for a three-week fellowship! My plane is supposed to leave at 10.05 PM on Saturday. If everything goes right, I'll be in Seoul on Sunday morning.

This will be the first time for me celebrating Idul Fitri in a foreign land. I'm excited.

I have packed tons of food to eat for the sahur and iftar (Of course I bring my all time favorite snack-slash-energy bar: Beng-Beng). I've checked prayer time for Seoul, qiblah direction and the locations of mosques. I guess I'm ready for fasting and celebrating Idul Fitri in Seoul.

However, it was hard finding the right time and words to tell M&D. Actually, I got the verdict in June, but I just told them on August 11, the first day of Ramadan (so that they could not get angry with me:P).

Since I've known them for almost 31 years, I knew that if I told them from the beginning, they would sink in the ocean of sorrow. It's better to tell them when the departure time is near, so they don't have time to be sad or worried. Anyway, it's only for three weeks. I'll be home before they even miss me.

Good night. I'll keep you posted if I had the time:)


  1. Tifaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...iriiiiiiiiiiiiiii..boleh ikuuuuttt gakkkkkk???!!
    hua hua hua... sementara daku harus terbaring tak berdaya, kau sedang merencanakan sesuatu yang menyenangggggkaaaan.......
    tapi aku ikut sueneeeeeeeenggggg.....kirimin foto2 yang bagus2 duuuuunk...... trus oleh2 ya......trus kalo bisa ke tempat syutingnya prince hours, ma Dong Yi... heheheh.... aaah, jadi ikut sueeeennnnengggg deh.... ^.^ sembuh sembuh sembuuh ahahah

  2. aiiiii, ayo cepat sembuh terus main ke seoul. baru sampai nih, lagi nyoba wi-fi. gue tiba di seoul disambut dengan ujan deras. jadwalnya lumayan padat, kyknya baru bisa jalan2 hari jumat-minggu. soal foto memoto siplahh:)

  3. alhamdulillah, i dah better, bosen euy berbaring terus.... kangen OL....
    Kalo langsung hujan itu tandanya Tifa musti ujan2an, kapan lagi bisa joget india-an di Korea, wkwkwk...
    uuuh, pengen nyusul, apadaya paspor dah mati *alasan*
    ditunggu Foto, ma co Korea yang cuakep yaa hahaha...btw, kalo liat di drama2na, jaket sana tuh bagus2, mau dong... ukuran badan kita kan sama tuh :P