Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Rush (Not A Movie Review)

That idea on Free Writing? It's a good one, but apparently I've picked the wrong time to do that because August is such a busy month. 

Female boss suddenly had an idea to hold an international meeting on NAMAs next month, while I still have to ensure budget disbursement for the Q3 2014. Preparation meetings have never felt this painful. We only have less than a month for the event! Yikes! 

Have I told you that this year I'm responsible to disburse a budget of around Rp 2 billion? That's right. You're looking at reading a billionaire's blogs :D.

I have to do a site survey for an event this Friday to Harapan Island, Kepulauan Seribu Regency, North Jakarta. Then I'll have a meeting from Sunday to Tuesday morning to discuss budget revision and 2015 budget plan. Wednesday-Thursday will see me on Harapan Island again for the Coral Reef Adoption event. 

I also have to take care of a media fellowship program, two batches of advertorials, several site visits and other procurements (insert Edvard Munch's Scream painting here). All these activities are very exhausting physically and mentally. But I'm trying to see this as a learning curve.

Despite the busy schedule, I'm trying to stay committed to this Free Writing program. I carry a notebook (the one made from paper, not the electronic gadget) so I can write anytime, anywhere. Even though I'm not posting on the designated days, I've amassed the materials and will soon post it when I get a chance to log on to the Internet.

So how is your August so far? :)


  1. Hi Tifa.. My August is fine not as busy as yours. Here we have warmer temperature as spring will come soon. Have a great day, dear.

    1. Aww thanks for visiting, Defa. Have a great day too :)

    2. Hi Tifa,
      Are you still busy in September.? lunch together?

    3. Fk, the NAMAs event will take place on Sept. 12. So my life should be back to normal after the event. Just let me know when you're available :)