Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's Start The Free Writing

Wow, it's already August! A year ago on this month I started working for this climate change trust fund, how fast does time fly. Now that I've been working for almost a year in this office (the one year celebration will be on 19 August), I can say that I'm feeling comfortable enough with the tasks and responsibilities at hand.

I love the regular work hour, the regular days off every Saturday-Sunday-other national holidays and the working atmosphere in this organization.  It's a whole new world for me, compared to journalism. But I must confess, while I don't miss the news room, I do miss writing.

Now that I don't have to write news in English every day, I kinda worry that I would forget how to write and express ideas in English. After all, English is not my mother language, not a national language of Indonesia and obviously, not a language that I use in the office.

Then I remember a trick. When I got accepted in TJaP, I got three months in house training to boost the English writing ability. One of the sessions was Free Writing, during which we were told to write every thing that passed our mind in one hour.

Pak Harry, our English mentor, says that the writing does not have to be structured like news, but it should really follow the train of thoughts. He says that the writing may seem odd at first, with one sentence and the next having no connection, jumping from one idea to another and that is normal, because that is how the mind works for most people. But, he added, once we got the hang of it, our brain would know how to organize the sentences coherently.

This will be of great help during the news writing, of course. I'm thinking to apply it to retain my English writing. I'd try this Free Writing twice a week this month, every Tuesday and Thursday. If I still like it after one month, then perhaps I'll extend the time period. Besides, this will force me to write posts for this blogs, something that is different from the 30 days of blogging challenge. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Reading your posting is such a "wake up call" for me. You worry about your English eventhough you has worked for 6,5 years in a daily languange English newspaper. And you are right, if we dont use language, we will forget about it.
    Keep on writing Kutip...:)

  2. Yeahh that's my problem also. English is not my 1st language. Though I live in Australia, but everyday I speak French at home.. I think I should follow you dear, create a blog to force me writing English..

  3. Fk, you should keep on writing too, and don't be afraid about making mistakes. Just keep doing it. It's the small bricks that build the castle :)
    Defa, yes, please do that. I'll drop by every once in a while to your blogs :)