Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On A Sick Leave

Hi there, hope everything is well with you. 

I fell off the stairs last Sunday and hurt both ankles. I thought I already reached the ground floor, so I jumped, et voila! The ground floor was still two steps away. Ouch!

Parents reacted to the incident differently: M was panic and on the verge to call a masseuse to fix my ankles while D took it calmly and told us to do an X-ray before doing anything.

D has a point, so off we went to do the X-ray at a local hospital. The result? Everything is ok, no broken/fractured bones, alhamdulillah. But I still refused to take the foot massage, either from the local masseuse or guru singa (a traditional healer who can cure broken bones/split nerves). 

So I asked the doctor to give me medicines and sick permit (she gave me three-day sick permit). Then asked M to wrap my ankles with binahong leaves. I'm slowly but surely recuperating, I feel like a baby (or perhaps an elderly woman?) learning to walk.

Moral of the story?
#1. Never jump around when you're on the stairs. 
#2. Always have medicinal herbs on your lawn

Soaking up my feet in a hot spring on the foot of Mt. Beuticanar
Dear my feet, thank you for taking me to beautiful places. Get well soon please and I'll take you to another beautiful place. Yours truly :)

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