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72 Days - A Croatian Movie

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Croatia | 2010 | 93 minutes | Director: Danilo Serbedzija | Festival and Awards: Audience Award in Liege International Crime Film Festival in Belgium, Alpe Adria Film Awards in Trieste, Italy, Festroia International Film Festival in Setubal, Portugal |

72 Days tells about the Paripovic family who depends on the pension of the late Grandpa Duradj, paid to his wife Grandma Nedja. When Nedja dies, the family, which consists of two brothers Mane and Joja as well as their sons Todor and Branko, decides to find a replacement so that the family can continue receiving the pension. 

The woman they kidnap turns out to be a brandy-drinking, cigarette-smoking woman who at first refuses to cooperate, but then agrees to work with them as long as she is allowed to drink brandy every day. But then Mane decides to run away with the money. What will the other family members do about it?
72 Days is a kind of family affairs. Rade Serbedzija plays as Mane, the tyrannical one-legged family leader, Serbedzija's son Danilo is the writer-director, while daughter Lucija plays as the romantic interest. 

The black comedy movie also tells about the current Croatia and the gap between the old generation who is burdened with the Balkan's bloody history and the young generation who is trying to see the world in a more civilized manner.

This movie is screened during the European Film Festival and the next screening is Dec. 1, 2012 at 5:30 at Istituto Italiano.

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