Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Your Mother Do This?

#1. Scolds You When You Buy Something Expensive
M: Hey, I haven't seen that shirt before. Is it new?
Me: Err...yes.
M: How much is it?
Me: (mentions the price, which is a wrong thing to do)
M: What? That is so expensive!You should save money.

#2. And Then Scolds You Again If You Dress In Cheap Outfits
Me: (coming out with faded jeans and shirt in a very weird color/shape)
M: Are you coming to office like that? Change into something more appropriate! You work for a respectable organization. You should buy quality clothes.
Me: What happens to the "save your money"? -_-

#3. Picks Up Their Local Dialects When Speaking To Their Siblings/People From Their Hometown
M was born in Jakarta but grew up in Kebumen, a part of Banyumas regency in Central Java that has this colloquially dialect called ngapak. When she talks to me and other people, she will speak without any dialect. But once she meets her siblings or people from Kebumen, the dialect comes out. This also happens to D.

#4. Insists That You Should Bring A Lunch Box And Then Wails If You Tell Her You Have Other Plans (Which Basically Means You Can't Bring The Said Lunch Box)
This happens so many times. Enough said.

#5. Request For Weird Souvenirs When You Go Traveling
The following conversation took place when I went holidaying to Belitung
M: Since you're holidaying to Belitung, can you buy me terasi (chili peppers with fermented shrimp taste, has very strong aroma)?
Me: But M, I'm taking an airplane. I don't think it'll be allowed into the cabin. The aroma will annoy other passengers
M: You can wrapped in in air-tight package.
Me: -_-
Note: I did buy her that terasi and had to wrap it very tight. It's worth the effort because she made the best sambal (chili paste) with terasi from Belitung. She has been asking me if I'm planning to visit Belitung again in the near future.

At least, M doesn't ask me to buy mangoes...
Aneen's mom: I heard on TV that Probolinggo's mangoes are getting very sweet due to the prolonged dry season. You're going to Probolinggo, right?
Aneen: Err..yes
Aneen's mom: Could you buy me mangoes from Probolinggo as souvenirs?
Aneen: T_T 

P.S. M, I love you with all your quirks and antics:)

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