Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Long Eyelashes And White Skin

I find it interesting how the children upbringing affecting how boys and girls view things differently. Boys are raised with the thought that they should be tough and strong, while girls should be calm and stay indoor. At some points, the society requires each gender to have certain physical features.

Can't we just treat others equally so we don't have to hear the following conversations?

#1. Long eyelashes 
Boy: What are those?
Girl: These are eyelash extensions
Boy: What are they doing on your desk? You're going to wear those?
Girl: I got them for free. So what if I'm wearing these?
Boy: Why would you want those?
Girl: To look a bit feminine, I guess. 

#2. White skin
Boy: Wow, you look very tanned. Did you sunbath everyday during your vacation?
Girl: No. I just have this gift of catching up tan quickly. I was born tan anyway.
Boy: You're lucky. I really want to have darker complexion.
Girl: Why would you want to be tanned?
Boy: Because it would make me look macho.
Girl: Why do you want to look macho?
Boy: Because boys just have to look macho.

To boys with white skin and long eyelashes, the girls still see you as macho men if you treat them nicely. 
To girls with dark complexion and short eyelashes, your femininity are not defined by the physical appearance.

Have a thoughtful Tuesday! :)

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