Thursday, May 10, 2012


Boys, show your love to your moms with this temporary tattoo :). Found here

Disclaimer: I fully understand that we, Muslims, are not allowed to sport tattoos. I simply admire tattoos as a form of art.

A couple of years ago I got a chance to interview actor Tio Pakusadewo at his home. I was beyond ecstatic because well...he is a very talented actor. He is also known to be very outspoken. So I prepared my questions carefully and picked a nice dress (as if he would notice it, hahaha).

When I reached his home, he was still on the road and his housekeeper told me to wait in the living room. I sat down, pulled my notebook and pen and practiced my poker face (I didn't want to suddenly flash my sheepish grin in the middle of the interview and scare the hell out of him).

Suddenly a young teenage boy sporting a side-shave mohawk wig and sleeveless black T-shirt came to the living room. I could see a face-shaped tattoo on his right arm, but I could not tell whose face it was. He smiled, shook my hand and introduced himself as Tio's son.

"My father is still on the road. He will come home soon. Would you like to have anything to drink?" he said politely.
"Um, the housekeeper already offered me a drink just now. Thank you," I said.
"Ok, then. I will leave you here, if everything is good," he said. 
I just nodded in awe. 

Oh my God! If Tio's son is this charming, then how about Tio himself? (I have a soft spot for gentlemen that show chivalry) Anyway, when he arrived, he was wearing white sleeveless T-shirt and an eyeglasses. In the middle of the interview, he asked if I had met his son. I said yes.

"I told my son to give greetings to the guests. It's something my father taught me that we need to respect the elder and the guests," he said. (Swoon!)

I casually asked Tio about his tattoos. He said that each tattoo had a meaning and it would take the whole day just to explain them. He said that his son recently asked his permission to get a tattoo.

Me: So you gave him permission. I saw his tattoo. It's in the shape of a face. 
Tio: Yes. It's my face. He said that the tattoo was for remembrance. How could I say no?


  1. ow, co cweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... hihi.. tio salah satu aktor kesukaanku... anaknya ganteng kah??? tapi kayaknya masih muda ya??

  2. hahaha, gak bisa sama bapaknya trus sama anaknya gitu ya? sayangnya dik nagra masih 17 tahun :)