Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bridging Islands

Source: www.suramadu.com

Indonesia has thousands of islands, but so far only Java and Madura are connected by a bridge.

Inaugurated in 2009, the Suramadu bridge (as it connects Surabaya and Madura) was designed in 1993. The initial design used pre-stressed box girder with a maximum span of 150 meters. The bridge length was planned to stretch at  5,438 meters, while the width was 2 x 10.75 meter, comprising 2 x 2 x 3.5 meter of vehicle lanes and 2 x 2 meter of emergency lane.

The bridge also provides 150 x 35 meter free column space for the ships to go through.

The bridge structure consists of three parts: Causeway, Approach Bridge and Main Bridge to accommodate shipping lanes in Madura strait. The Causeway part uses Pre-Cast Pre-Stress U-Girder with a 35-meter span, steel pile cap foundation pondasi with 60 cm diameter. The total length of causeway is 1,400 meters, on Surabaya side and 1,840 meters on Madura side.

The Approach bridge part uses Cast-in-Situ Box Girder with 70 meter in width. The foundation uses steel pile cap with 100 cm in diameter.

I hope there will be more bridges to connect islands in the future. There had been plans to make a bridge between Java and Bali as well as Sumatra and Java. Well, the bridge between Sumatra and Java sounds a bit risky considering the active volcano there, but I think the Java-Bali bridge is feasible enough.

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