Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Monday

A man put his hand print to support the 2010 anti corruption movement.
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Hello darlings,
I'm back in the Cubeland. Working becomes a very exhausting activity now, especially after the three-day holiday. To tell you the truth, I didn't do anything exciting then. I did household chores and then went to meet my uni friends, Ditta and Ai. We had lunch together, followed by catching up news (and gossip, LOL) at Ditta's place. It is always fun to meet friends. I should do this more often this year.

Ok, back to today. It's very bright and sunny outside, which is quite odd for January is supposed to be cloudy and rainy. Before coming to office, I went to the East Jakarta immigration office to renew my passport. Besides the usual documents, I also brought along a letter from my office. You know what? The letter helped boost the immigration officer's work. It's my third passport renewal, so I know how arduous the procedure can be. But I was told to come again for the photo and interview session tomorrow. Wow, so I guess there are perks of being a journalist after all.

When I reached office, Peeyutz told me that she saw a flower bouquet and a teddybear for one of the new cubreporters. Those were sent by a proud uncle living abroad. It's kind of funny but touching too. Gee, I wish I had an uncle who sent me gifts. Nah, it would be too embarassing, LOL. The HRD head came in the afternoon with a group of innocent-looking people and I tried to guess which is the happy niece, LOL.      

The year started in such a comical way, I hope it lasts for the whole year.

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