Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been There, Done That

I should have posted this list last December, but I was busy. It's better late than never, though. Here's a list of things I did in the last year of my twenties.

January: I was rolled to the Sunday edition.
February: nothing exciting happened, I was still finding a way to fit in my new desk, but so far so good.
March: I was assigned to Singapore, met a Malaysian journo and we figured our way to Mustafa market at 9 p.m. Hahaha. It was fun.     
April: It's spring in France and we celebrate it with Printemps Francaise. The French Film Festival was great. I love non-mainstream movies (read: non Hollywood), so it's like a treat for me.
May: I covered Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival in Kelapa Gading. I loved the food, and the fashion week was just awesome! I hope I could go there again this year.
June: I was assigned to Beijing, China and had a blast. I climbed Great Wall, strolled in 798 Art District and wandered into Beijing's narrow alleys (hutong). I also experienced funny things, such as meeting an Uygur girl in Tiananmen Square and taking a photo with her.
July: I won a writing competition and won iPod nano.
August: My travel piece on hutong was published in Asia News Network magazine. Wow!
September: I visited my grandma in Kebumen, Central Java during Idul Fitri holiday. She can always bring smiles to my face. Love you, Gran.
October:  There were Japanese Cultural Week and Korean Cultural Week. I was assigned to write a profile of Korea alumni association chairman. However, it turned out I was invited to the whole events. I got to see, hear and eat Korean dance, music, movies and food, oh glorious food. 
November: I went to European Film Festival. Love it!
December: It's my favorite month because there's Jakarta International Film Festival. My boss gave me invitations for the opening and closing films (Sang Pemimpi and New York, I Love You). It's an early birthday gift!

Of course, Jakarta (and Indonesia) has other cultural schedules besides the film festivals. I regularly check on Goethe Haus, Erasmus Huis, Istituto Italiano and CCF.

Love jazz? There's the jazz festival.

If you're planning to visit Indonesia, here is an annual calendar event to give you ideas on what you can see and do here. Enjoy!

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