Thursday, November 30, 2017

On Aging According To Our Age

Aging is  both terrifying and exciting, isn't it? There is an unspoken rule that one should be wiser as they turn older, but it is not always the case. Everyone grows in their own pace. There is no guide book on becoming wise. On the other hand, aging will take place in real time.

As the signs of aging is upon us -- wrinkle, sun spots, grey hairs, and discolored skin tone -- many would focus on the outer appearance, which is also important to take care by the way, but mostly forget to take care the inner self. What would our soul need as it gets older? And while kids look forward to be adult, why do people afraid to be old?

I will be 38 years old in one month and still have two more years before I reach the ripe age of 40, so I intend to gather as much information on that particular age. In Islam, the age of 40 gets a special mention in Al Qur'an, on Al Ahqaf, verse 15 to be precise.

The verse says;"We instructed the human being to treat his parents kindly. His mother bore him laboriously and gave birth to him laboriously. Carrying him and weaning him takes thirty months. Then, when he reaches maturity and reaches the age of forty he says,"My Lord, enable me to give thanks for Your blessings which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the good deeds that please You, and grant me righteous descendants. I have repented to you and I am one of the Muslims." 

From the verse, I can conclude four things that we should do upon reaching 40 years old:
(1) Be grateful for every blessing that Allah have bestowed upon us
(2) Do good deeds that please Allah
(3) Have descendants, if Allah wills it
(4) Repent for all the wrongs we have done in the past years

With my birthday to come in about a month, I have been giving some time contemplating on life. You may as well prepare yourself to read more philosophical posts in this space in the next month.

Do you have any advice on how to become a wise and graceful 40-year-old? Please share :).

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