Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Burgreens Tebet

Healthy lifestyle has been on the rise in the past 10 years, giving ways to eateries that support healthy lifestyle, such as Burgreens, a restaurant chain that serves healthy, plant-based dishes made from locally-sourced produces. There is a Burgreen outlet in Tebet, so I decided to have a dish (or two) with my colleagues.

Located on the third floor of a small building, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining area. On the first floor is the organic vegetable shop, while the second floor houses a shop that focuses on healthy ingredients (think chia seed, flax seed, rosella tea).

The walkway to the top

At first, we called the restaurant to ask for a delivery, and they said they could deliver. But then, when we called for the second time, a few hours later, they told us they were a bit overwhelmed and asked if we could just come.

Indoor interior

Information on healthy diet plan

Outdoor dining area

Despite being completely plant-based, the dishes taste great. I had a bowl of mushroom soup, because I felt a bit under the weather, while my colleagues had Mini Quattro (the mini versions of Burgreens' four veggie burgers: Mighty Mushroom, Beans 'n Cheese, Spinach Chickpeas, and Caspian Mungbean) and the Mighty Mushroom (the real size, mushroom patty on a wholewheat bun served with chips).

Price-wise, they are pricey, yes. But if you want to invest on health, this can be one of the options, besides regular exercise and having a positive outlook on life in general.

Burgreens has so far three outlets: Pacific Place, Dharmawangsa, and Tebet. Although I have yet to commit myself to the vegetarian lifestyle, this eatery has stolen my heart and I would definitely try the other dishes in the menu if I happen to pass any Burgreens.

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