Friday, September 29, 2017

Coffee Culture Hits Local Neighborhoods

I've been seeing cafes mushrooming around my neighborhood, and as a recent coffee convert, I decided to give some of them a visit.

DP House Premium Coffee
This two-floor cafe is located on Jl. Bintara Jaya Raya. I often pass it on the way to the market or when I need to go to a nearby convenience store. But it was only a few months ago that I decided to enter its front door. And boy, what I found behind the door was a pleasant surprise.

Facade view

The cafe usually has monthly promo 

The cafe has its own brand of coffee bean, and you can buy it in various size. The barista can brew the coffee in various methods: mokapot, french press, vietnam drip, and even v60. The cafe often holds discount for their in-house coffee. Normal price for a cup of java in this cafe is between Rp 30.000-40.000, but if it is on discount usually between Rp 20.000-25.000, sometimes Rp 15.000. They also serve tea and chocolate drinks for the non-coffee drinking customers. Unfortunately the snacks available is so far only french fries and cassava fries. 

The cafe has a terrace area (for smoking patrons) and air-conditioned area (for non smokers), but my olfactory sense also detected residue of cigarette smoke from the second floor (I hope they can make improvement on this). It also has a stack of newspapers  and magazines for public reading, a nice playlist from local radio and a Fashion TV running mute on an LCD TV.

Bar area

You can also head to the second floor

You can enjoy the coffee with either the magazine or the TV. Or just bring a laptop and turn on the WiFi, which is sometime slow and hiccuping, but I've been going to this place to finish my report, so I don't need a fast Internet connection. The interior has been experiencing changes from time to time, it's either the owner has yet to find a concept for the cafe or he likes to experiment with interior design.

Iced coffee

The house blend, brewed with a V60 method.

Being a tried and true introvert, I also like that the barista never tries to open a conversation with me. He simply lets me enjoy the coffee and my laptop.

This cafe is located on Jl. Taman Malaka Selatan, in front of Darma Persada University. I've come here several times to have a quick meeting with my friends. Since its location is nearby an education institution, the cafe's main patrons are students, who can be pretty loud sometimes.


Besides serving coffee, Sringopi also offers tea, chocolate and foods, such as fried rice, french fries, rawon (dark meat soup) and other quick bites. For a group of eaters, this place has more to offer (hey, it rhymes). And the prices are student-friendly, between Rp 10.000 and Rp 35.000. Usually if I come to this place I go for the tea. However, once I ordered a pot of tea there, I ended up staying up until 2 a.m. Damn, is that some strong tea or what?

Hot chocolate

There is wi-fi in the cafe. Second floor is for smoking area, and this makes cigarette smokes a prevalent condition. Everytime I went here, I always came home with my clothes smelling like I just dipped in a barrel of tobacco liquid.

Isn't funny how little we sometimes know about our own neighborhood? Now I'm trying to look closer around my neighborhood and find other gems I could have missed all this time.

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