Friday, September 8, 2017

Current Skin Care and Hair Care Routine

I did not pay enough attention on skin care or hair care in my twenties. But now that I'm in my thirties and approaching forties, I realize that I need to take a more serious attention to take care of my skin and hair. Not to get a guy's attention, but to love myself. After all, skin is the largest organ in our body. And healthy hair is always a blessing to have, even if I hide them from public eyes :).

Before buying anything, the first step is to recognize your own skin and hair type. Mine is combination of oily skin and dry skin, with the dry part more dominant. As I have curly hair, the scalp and the hair also tend to be dry. My hair can dry in about 30 minutes in room temperature without any hair drying appliance. Another unique feature about my hair is it actually looks a bit red under angled sunlight, but mostly look black indoor. I haven't found any white hair so far. But even if there are white hair, I don't have a plan on coloring though. I think white hair signifies wisdom, a trait I try to embrace.

Once you found your skin and hair type, the next steps are much easier. I usually log in to local beauty websites, such as to read reviews on products most Indonesian people use. Indonesia has two seasons and in Jakarta the humidity level is quite high. So finding good local beauty brands that pay attention to local climate is a plus.

The current skin care hype in the web is the Korean skin care steps, which can go for more than 10 steps (!). I'm not that dedicated, so I choose the ones that I can apply in short notice. These are the products I've been using and so far, they work for my skin. These can change though, because I like to try new products. Everyone should find which suit their skin most.

Here they are...

1 - The Cleanser Line Up: Eye Make Up Remover/Micellar Water/Facial Foam
Sometimes I use the trio together, or separately. In the morning, I only clean my face with the facial foam. At night, I use the three of them, in that particular order. I fill in my eyebrows, and if in the mood, sometimes I wear eyeliner. Hence, the need of the eye make up remover.
Micellar water is a new addition. I apply it for other areas outside of eyes areas. I'm still checking the after effect, so far no problem.
Facial foam is the last cleaning step. I got this facial foam from a friend who resides in Australia. Since Natio has yet to enter Indonesia's beauty scene, I need to find its replacement soon.

2 - Rice Wash Mask Off
Only use this product once a week because it's expensive. Got this one during a sale. Previously I tried its Black Sugar Wash Mask Off sample. Love them both as they make my face feeling light.

3 - Olive Oil
I use non-cosmetic olive oil as the first product in the morning, and at night too after I clean my face. It works well with my dry skin and oily skin (just apply a bit on the oily area). To give you idea how dry my skin is, the dry part can absorb this oil in 15 minutes. Yes, it's that dry. Sometimes I also use this for my hair, allocating some 30 minutes to let the scalp absorb it before putting on my hijab in the morning. 

4 - Aromatherapy Oil/Essential Oil
Non-cosmetic olive oil does not have a nice smell, so I tap this product on several points along my brow line to beat the olive oil smell. One is from klen and kind, the other is from Sae. This step is optional, though.   

5 - Day Cream
I mostly use this as my day cream. Sometimes I forget applying it and jump right to...

6 - Sunscreen
Bought this one before I went to the field in Sumba (which is known for its solar energy potential). There had been breakouts, but they have since gone better. Do you have any recommendation on good quality sunscreen?

7 - Masker Sheet
This one is used on weekend nights. I usually look out for discounted sheets in G**rdian or W*tsons. Those pharmacies hold promotion on Fridays. I also follow several beauty brand official accounts in Instagram because they usually give information on sales there.

8 - Overnight Serum-in-Oil and Night Cream
I've been using these and so far they agree with the skin. Sometimes I only use the serum, sometimes only the night cream. I know, I know, I need to be more dedicated. I've come a long way, though.

9 - Candlenut Oil and Hair Serum
These ones are dedicated for the hair. As candlenut oil also smell too strong, I combine the usage with the serum. The hair serum is actually an old product, I'm not sure if I can find it again. Any recommendation for similar product?

P.S.#1 I am not paid to do this, I just thought of sharing and hopefully this list helps people who are searching for some easy skin care/hair care routine. I hope you find this useful. What are your skin care routine?

P.S.#2 The majority of my skin care regime comes from The Body Shop, because it's the only brand that takes back the empty bottles. I wish there are more cosmetic brands doing this kind of environmental activism. It's the least I can do to reduce my carbon footprint.

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