Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stir-fry Tatsoi

Ahoy, Tatsoi!

One of the reasons I buy something is curiosity. The first string that tugs my interest to this bundle of cute green leaves is the name: Tatsoi (Brassica narinosa). It sounds Japanese, so I googled it up. Et voila, I was correct. 

I ordered tatsoi via, and when the order arrived, I was a bit disappointed to see them. The color was too dark that I thought they were wilting. So I put them in the refrigerator, and one week later when I did a weekly refrigerator clean up to see if M forgot to cook something, I found them still in the same color and shape.

That's when I realized I've found an amazing vegetable. They are stronger than caisim (bok choy/Brassica rapa) or kailan (Brassica oleracea), and other Brassica varieties which can wilt when put in the fridge for a week.

They look great in flat lay composition.

They look even cuter when photographed from the side. Those are the ingredients I use for any vegetable stir-fry: shallot, garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce and the green leaves.

A true challenge in cooking green leaves, especially organic produce, is the cutting and cleaning process, because you may find some residents on them (bugs, caterpillars, spiders, you name it).

Cutting and cleaning tatsoi. I dip them in a bowl of water with a pinch of salt.

The easiest way to cook green leaves is stir frying them. Just heat up sesame oil and chopped garlic, put in the leaves and oyster sauce, and a few minutes later, you have it.

The taste is similar to caisim and kailan, they are families after all. I will definitely repurchase if they are available in the market.

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