Friday, April 10, 2015

New Colleagues Mean New Friends To Laugh With (Or At)

It's bound to happen. Everytime I enter a new workplace, I observe the people and find all the funny things on them. So here they are, the conversations with colleagues :).

Don't Repeat The Same Mistake
Situation: Two colleagues are going home early.
HRA: If you are late to work, you shouldn't late for home.
MEA: That's right, because it means you're late twice. You shouldn't let it happen, like ever.

We're The Piranhas
Situation: The office held an event in Bandung and a lot of staffs come to the Flower City. We spent the night sampling the culinary delights along the citywalk
SHR: We've come a long way to Bandung, and all we eat is bakso (meatball soup) that is sold in front of our hotel???
FO: Don't worry, this is appetizer.
SHR: Oh, ok then.

Important Data, Yeah Right
Situation: A laptop used by one of finance staffs broke down, and the user rushed said laptop to the IT department.  
Me: What seems to be the problem?
FG: I don't know, the hard disk probably broke down. We're trying to recover it as it contains important data.
Me: Of course (thinking 'Oh my, a laptop of finance guy must have contain very important data').
FG: You know, data like my holiday photos, my videos, my travel notes.
Me: *walking away from them*

The Seat Is Not Taken
Situation: after lunch, at a cafeteria. We usually combine several tables and chairs into one. We had just finished lunch, some had left and some stayed to have small talks when a random guy approached our table.
Random Guy: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
HRM: Oh no, please have a seat.
OM: Come on, let's get back to office.
HRM: You're going back already? I'm staying to accompany that guy.

Editing Issue
Situation: in the middle of editing a text
Me: DAP, can you help me? I have an issue with page numbering
DAP: (come over my desk and work on it for 10 minutes) I don't get it, this just won't work.
Me: AH, can you help?
AH: (also work for a few minutes and still can't find a solution) HRA, you're an IT expert among us, come here and give us a hand.
HRA: (also work on it, but to no avail) This is odd.
SN: What's the problem? Try to zoom it to 100%.
(Tadaa...after it's viewed in 100%, there is no problem with page numbering. The problem is caused by bak in the Word Doc file).
Me: My hero! *looking at SN with respect*
SN: Well, it's a random suggestion, I don't know if it will work

Don't Want To Be Alone With The Boss
Situation: after lunch
Me: You can go ahead. I'm going to find a battery for my mobilephone
DAP: I'm coming with you, I need to find a battery charger. After all, I don't want to be alone with the boss 
(After I went around, I couldn't find the battery)
Me: I think I need to come a bit late tomorrow. I want to go to the shops near my home.
DAP: You know what? I can find you the battery in Mall Ambassador on Sunday, after attending mass. My church is near the shopping center.
Me: You just don't want to be alone with the boss, do you? *looking at him, suspiciously*
DAP: *grinning sheepishly*

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