Friday, April 17, 2015

Facing Your Fears

"I made it to finish line on the kickboard swimming competition last week," he beamed to me from across the table.

We were sitting in front of a nearby 711 convenience store. It was 4 p.m. and we were having the usual afternoon break. He had a bottle of blueberry yogurt, while I sipped a small carton of chocolate milk.

"That was fantastic! I'm so proud of you," I clapped my hands excitedly,"How did you do it?"

"I just focused on the finish line and kept thinking that I should reach it no matter what," he said,"I didn't even check my time."

Our conversation may sound trivial for those who have passion for swimming. But the 1.79-meter tall guy sitting in front of me had been fighting his fears on bodies of water for years. He was drowned twice during his childhood, and the experiences left such a trauma that he would go feverish every time he enters bodies of water.

"All my friends had tried to teach me how to swim, but to no avail. One day, I went snorkeling in Tidung island in Kepulauan Seribu. I saw the fishes around me and vowed to myself that one day I would dive with the fishes," he said.

With the newfound determination, he went to Senayan Swimming Pool and tried to swim. But he was not successful...again. He walked around the pool and watched how the people swim. As he sat by the pool, an old Japanese man glided effortlessly in a freestyle. He slowly memorized the man's movements, went back into the pool to give it a try...and made it.

"After all these years, I finally made it. It was not perfect, but at least I didn't get drowned," he grinned.

He later joined a swimming club and has been practicing swimming albeit with a kickboard. The event he mentioned was the first swimming competition he ever took part in. I find it amazing that people can have fears and they can overcome it, if only they have the will and put a lot of efforts on it.

What are your fears? How do you face it?

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