Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Women Have So Many Bags

I'm not the most fashionable person, but still I need several bags for different purposes. I have small bags to meet up with friends or when work loads are not much, medium-sized bags for days when I go to several places and big bags for God-knows-what-will-happen-that-day.

#1. What the big bag is good for
Situation: I had two interviews in one day and needed to take photographs. Hence, the big bag made its appearance.
BEE: Oh, that's a lovely bag you got there.
Me: Oh thanks. Yeah, it's big. I like it because I can stuff many things in it, such as my cameras and notebooks.
BEE: It's so big you can fill it with little children.
Me: -_-

#2. Why women carry a bag
Situation: I was on my way to an interview appointment with Can, one of the male colleagues. I had my medium-sized bag with me, while he carried his notes in his hands.
Can: Why do women carry a big bag? It's such a fuss you know.
Me: I have a lot of things to carry. I've tried to reduce the items, but it's hard.
Can: May I deposit my stuffs in your bag? (without waiting for reply, he proceeded to place his notes, cellphones, car keys and namecard holders into my bag)
Me: Now, you know why women carry a big bag, don't you? To assist the men carrying their stuffs, because they don't carry a bag themselves :D

#3. Why I would never just carry one small bag
Situation: in the morning, on the way to office
Me: I'm leaving for office.
M: Wait, don't you bring the lunch box?
Me: No, M, I'm carrying a small bag today, there is no room for the lunch box.
M: You can carry the lunch box with this small bag (producing another small bag from a drawer)
Me: I carry a small bag with the intention to carry less items, not to carry the same items in two small bags.
M: So you don't want to bring the lunch box? (almost on the verge of tantrum outburst)
Me: Argh, ok, give me that small bag.

Somehow, most of my bags are in the same color hue (brown).


  1. wew, kenapa mirip diriku ya...
    kemana2 bawa tas guede, wlw sebenaernya tuh tas nangkring di motor...
    btw, aku skrg lagi nyoba2 produksi tas lho!!! *Promo

  2. rasanya hidup ini hampa tanpa tentengan segede gaban *lebay. posting dong soal produksi tas ini di blogs, sekalian ama futu2nya juga ya :)