Monday, March 22, 2010

Table8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan

Good day, mate. How is your day?

Since things are a bit slow on Monday, I am spending the day looking into food photos. Here are several photos I made during a visit to Hotel Mulia's Chinese restaurant Table8. The restaurant serves Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines. If you can't handle spicy things (points to self), it is best to stick to the Cantonese.

I tried hua ca (floral tea). When poured with hot sizzling water, the green bundle would open and show three flowers made into one piece: chrysanthemum, jasmine and the red flower (sorry I don't know the name of the red flower). The taste is common, but the special thing about this tea is that it is served by teamaster Zhen Zhen, who will perform kungfu-like movement with the long nosed-brass tea kettle.

I kinda like the appetizer. I forgot the name of this tray package (umm perhaps degustation?), but I do remember that it consists of (from left to right) salmon skin, smoked chicken, smoked duck wrapped by bun skin and shrimp with Thai sauce. I like the salmon skin, it tastes like kerupuk (Indonesian style of chips).

Another must-have menu is prawn with strawberry and wasabi sauce. The combination is just so heavenly.

Crab claw with tofu is also nice.

Then I accidentally sank my teeth into this Stir-fried chicken wings with Sichuan flavor...

... and I felt the spicy sensation I would never forget for the rest of my life. There was nothing for one or two seconds, but then I could feel some hot sensation rise and sweep over my head. Then my eyes began to water and trickle with tears.

Glasses of water could not take the spiciness away, therefore I had this Fried rice foie gras with sea food.

And for dessert, there is frozen yogurt Sweet Mimi.

Happy Monday!

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