Monday, March 8, 2010

All Roads Lead To Office

Happy Monday, folks.

As the proverb says, there are many ways to reach my office. Since I live in Bekasi, West Java and work in Jakarta, I have to switch four buses or angkot (public minivans) to get to my office. The journey from my home to office is around 35 kilometers. 

My daily commute usually start with D riding me to Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta or Sumber Arta market in Bekasi with his trusty motorbike. He insists on doing it, perhaps thinking it's the only thing he can do for this grown-up woman. If I go to Pondok Kopi, I will continue the journey with Metromini 506 (route: Pondok Kopi-Kampung Melayu) or 47 (Pondok Kopi-Senen). Here it is...

(Taken from here)

Yup, that's the kind of bus that has seen a better day. I wonder why the administration has yet to replace them. It's hot inside (just like in the oven or even sauna), the exhaust pipe produces black fume, sometimes the engine dies in the middle of the journey...and I still have to pay Rp 2,000 (around 20 cents US) for the service!

From Kampung Melayu, I usually take PPD 213 (Kampung Melayu-Grogol). You can see from the picture above that it's not better than Metromini. PPD buses are bigger, of course. But they are just as hot and old as  the orange counterparts. Oh, and the fee is also Rp 2,000. I remember that in 2000, the fee was only Rp 1,000 and the bus was still the same. Time changes the tariffs but not the buses.

Taken from here

I will hop down at Slipi and take that blue minivans creating congestions at the junctions. They are called Mikrolet (public minivans). There are two options, either 11 (Tanah Abang-Kebon Jeruk) or 09 (Tanah  Abang - Kebayoran). And then I arrive safe and sound at the office.

Those are the public transportation vehicles I take if I depart from Pondok Kopi. If I leave from Sumber Arta, I will take Mikrolet 19 (Kranji-Cililitan), PPD 46 (Cililitan-Grogol) and Mikrolet 11 or 09. 

Usually I switch route on my way home. If I use Pondok Kopi route in the morning, I will take the Sumber Arta in the evening, or vice versa.

Actually, there is another route leading to my office: the Casablanca road. But it requires me to drive private car. I just don't find happiness in changing gears for two-hour drive. I'd rather kick back and relax, and even fall asleep if condition allows.

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