Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Going Out With M&D

This Is What Happen In The Morning
Situation: I'm ready to go to office
Me: Ok, I'm going now. Assalamualaikum.
D: Wait, I'll take you to the station. I just need to go to the bathroom for a bit.
M: Wait, I want to go to the market too, I'm going with you too.
(30 minutes later)
D: Wait, I think I should go to the bathroom again.
M: Does this headscarf match my outfit?
This is why I would never come early to the office.

When Going Out, Always Wear Make Up
Situation: On a Sunday afternoon, I was accompanying M for a quick afternoon walk.
M: Have you put on powder and lipstick?
Me: What for?
M: Well, a woman should always look neat and polished. Who knows who we may meet during the walk.
Me: -_-

Let's Go Out
Situation: The kind of conversation M&D usually have before going out in the weekend
D: Do you want to go out? Let's go out.
M: Ok. Let's go to Jatinegara Market. I want to buy new bed sheets.
D: No, I don't want to go there. Let's go to Senen Market instead, I want to buy new books.
M: -_-
PS. In the end, they usually go to both places, D would drop M off in Jatinegara then he continues driving to Senen. He would pick her up when she has finished with her shopping.

Like Father Like Daughter
Parents' friends: Hello, long time no see.
M/D: Yes, it's been long time. Oh, this is my daughter.
Parents' friends: (look at me for a while) Well, she takes after her daddy, isn't she?
Me: (smiling while thinking,"Is it wrong to look like my dad?")

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