Monday, March 10, 2014

How D Met My Mother :)

Thirty five years ago today M&D got hitched:).

Thirty five years is quite a long period, and during the 30-something years I've lived with them, I know that it takes more than just love to build a marriage and a family. M&D do not have many things in common. For example, D likes to joke, while M is very serious (I think this serious attitude comes from my maternal grandparents because M's siblings are all serious). D likes eating out, but M prefers cooking to spending money on delivery/take-away. D buys books, while M is captivated with clothes (but she will turn to me to consult on what to wear, she's not a fashionable person. On the other hand, D is quite fashionable).

I'm totally amazed at how two different personalities can live together (quite peacefully, I must add) for decades. When I asked them how they met, each gives different answers (as expected), but I think I know which has the near-truth answer :D.

How did you meet?
D: My best friend and her best friend got married, and then they played matchmaker for both of us.
M: His friend and I worked in the same office. During the office gathering, his friend invited him to come along and introduced us.

What was your first impression of him/her?
D: She looked so small and petite, I thought she was still a teenager.
M: He had this long curly hair down his back, wore chunky eyeglasses and carried several packs of medicines in his pocket. It was not a good first impression. But he was persistent. He came to my house for, like, everyday since that day.

What day? What happened?
D: I went to her house and that was all
M: He came to my house, I mean the house where I lived with my brothers. At that time I lived with my second brother and his wife, and two little brothers. He brought a bag of pears and told my brothers that he was my friend. I was not home yet, so my second brother talked to him, at first it was out of courtesy but then my brother got really interested with him. And then I arrived at home, nodded to my brother and him, who I presumed as my brother's friend...and I went straight to my room. My brother's wife asked very loudly,"Girl, isn't that guy your friend?"

How did he propose?
D: We both reached this phase where we realized that we needed each other. Oh wait, she's the one who couldn't live without me.
M: I was going to Kebumen for a short holiday. My little brother gave me a ride to Jatinegara station. When we got there, guess who we saw? Him! He already bought the ticket! How could I tell him not to go? My little brother just grinned and said,"I didn't know he was coming." Well, neither did I. When we arrived in Kebumen, it seemed my father and him had this conversation where my father asked him flat out,"What is your intention on my daughter?" I think he was happy that he got the question, because that way he didn't have to find an opening sentence.

Why did you agree to marry him/her?
D: Because she was nice to me
M: Because he was the only man who had the guts to approach me. The others were a bit intimidated by my brothers, I guess (M is the only female among the eight siblings).

Dearest M&D, happy anniversary! May you both stay blessed, happy, healthy and that you both get to see your only daughter marrying a decent man and applying the life lessons you both have taught her:).

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