Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Once Removed, A Work By Susanne Heintz

After getting the same question from her family and friends ("Why aren't you married?"), American art director Susanne Heintz spends 14 years with mannequin family, taking them everywhere and doing all kinds of the family pictures.


Here's excerpts of her words on the project:  

We love & obey the formatted image of a well-lived life. So deeply ingrained is that strange auto-grin we put on when a camera is present. Do we live our lives with a keen awareness of how it feels, or just how it looks?

If I pass through life without checking off the boxes for a wedding ring and a baby carriage, I will be missing the photo album, but not not the point. When I take my photos, others stop and stare, then they ask, "why are you doing this?" They, at that moment, are starting to get the point too

I thought it is only difficult being single in Asia, but it seems that being married, building family and having kids are the norms worldwide. Even in America.

See more photos/her work here.

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