Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For Me, 2013 Was The Year Of Trying New Things

There are so many things happening this year, I don't know where to start. One thing for sure, the experience I had in 2012 has given me the courage to take the leap of faith this year. I have done in 2013 a lot of things that I thought I would never do. Work hard, play harder and pray hardest :).

The following are my highlights of this year:
-- I took the trip to three ASEAN countries: Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Being a Southeast Asian, the trip has provided me with new perspectives on neighboring countries. I wish to visit the other ASEAN countries in the following years, preferably those that have the visa-free/VOA policy (Dear Myanmar, I'm looking at you).
-- The trip has taught me that I could survive for 11 days with a backpack weighed less than 9 kg and that I could sleep on the train, bus, night ferry and spooky hostels if I wanted to. 
-- During the said trip, I managed to experience what Songkran Festival is like (I love it!) and visited the Angkor Wat (it is a must-visit!)
-- I took the weekend trip to Pahawang islands in Lampung with a backpacker community. It's nice to know that there are many beautiful places within several hours trip from Jakarta and it's fun to hang out with new circle of friends.
-- Three cousins were married this year! Oh my, how fast does time fly? It felt just yesterday I played around with them and now they're all grown up:)
-- I did a series of old-time eatery in Jakarta. It's always fun to learn more about the city I work in.
-- I submitted my resignation letter to the newspapers company that had been my work (and life) for the past 6.5 years. After almost a decade in journalism, I decided to switch career by accepting a job at a government institution that works on climate change funding. It's a whole new world and I'm learning new things everyday.
-- With the new workplace having 9-to-5 work schedule, I am now one of the millions commuters taking the train. The train is packed but it's congestion-free.
-- My new office appointed me to be a person in charge for the visit to Central Kalimantan. Isn't it funny that I posted this in March and then I went to Borneo in September? Also, I just realized that I posted South Korea as one of my travel destination dreams in March 2010 and then got the fellowship to South Korea in August 2010! I wonder what would happen with this post, I mean, a Joe Taslim-look-alike might come into my life, ahem, a girl can always dream :P.
-- Another milestone this year was the decision to learn about the technology and finance stuffs. I bought an iPod touch (which became one of the essential items during the ASEAN trip) and then succumbed to the charms of a smartphone due to my new job. I'm still learning how to use it.
-- The office was moved to the 20th floor, the highest floor in the building, and I got a cubicle right next to the window. It's a real treat for a woman who loves staring at faraway places from great heights.
-- I finally saw the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat with my cousin and friends and then did a Trans Flores trip. I've been to Flores three years ago so it was like a home-bound road trip:)
-- I had two trips to close this year: the office trip to Cirebon and then two-day motor touring to Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

How was 2013 for you?
Happy New Year!

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