Monday, August 19, 2013

What To Expect When Talking To My Dear Folks

Now that Ramadhan is over, we can start talking about other people again. On their good traits, I hope :). I know most of you don't mind reading about my folks, so here are some of my parents' good traits.

1. The Freebies Hunter
Situation: I was observing D's T-shirts and found them already in bad condition
Me: Dad, your T-shirts are already fading. Let's go buy new ones for you. On me.
D: No, they are still good. I don't need new ones.
A few days later, I was coming home with a free T-shirt.
Me: I have this free T-shirt. But I guess you don't need new ones. Just give it to someone who needs it.
D: I'd like to have it. Thank you.
Me: -_-

2. The Cheapskate
Situation: It's Sunday morning and I want to treat M&D for breakfast
Me: Let's go out and eat Bubur Ayam Kebumen (Kebumen-style chicken porridge).
D: I don't feel like it.
Me: It's on me.
D: Okay.
Me: Are you coming, M? Or would you like something from the eatery?
M: No, thanks
Me: They also have baked macaroni.
M: Okay. But only one, please.
Me: ^-^

3.  The Style Critics
Situation: I was ready to go to office, wearing oversized denim shirt, deep blue headscarf floral-patterned black trousers.
M: Are you going to office like that? (with horror expression)
Me: Yes.
M: For the love of God, please don't let the trousers see the light of day.
Me: What's wrong with it? Everyone complimented it the last time I wore it. BEE said these were so cool and Fith said the same.
M: They were mocking you. They don't know what style really means.
Me: -_-"
(Below is the picture of me wearing said trousers. Let me know if you're with M or with my fashion forward friends)
This is why I would never be a fashion blogger. And yes, you're free to laugh :D

4. The Unexpected Answer
Situation: a couple of friends visited D after he had recovered from pneumothorax.
Guest: So, do you still take medicines until today? (to D)
M: Oh no, just vitamin.
D: Well, I take pills. Blue ones.
M: -_-

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