Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love The Costumes Of 'Love Phobia'

Hello Jakartans, have you gotten NET on your TV? If you like Korean movies, just go and do the auto tuning to find the TV channel because it screens Korean movies every Saturday and Sunday nights.

My most recent crush is Love Phobia, a love drama about A-ri (played by Byeon Ju-yeon as a child and Kang Hye-jung as adult) and Jo-kang (Park Geon-tae and Cho Seung-woo). One day, A-ri, a girl wearing a yellow raincoat, shows up at Jo-kang's school. While the other students are frightened of her quirky nature, Jo-kang has a crush on her. But just as they are getting closer, A-ri disappears.

They reconnect ten years later. But A-ri disappears after they share a kiss. They meet again five years later, only to let him knows that she is going to America. The next day, Jo-kang drops A-ri at the airport, but they later meet again in the most unexpected place.

Can I just marry a man like Jo-kang, who never stops loving his woman, believes in every word she says and loves her for who she is (despite how quirky she is)? 

On the other hand, I love the costumes A-ri character is wearing in this movie. Her staple outfits are long skirt, long-sleeved shirt and flats/sneakers. All in neutral colors and looks really comfortable. I can just add a headscarf to her choice of clothes and then ready to go.

Still photos found here

I made this 'Love Phobia' set on Polyvore

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