Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Raid Is Now Available In Comic Version

Hello, fans of The Raid:).

If you like the movie, you may be thrilled to know that it is now available in comic version as well. The launching event was last Saturday at Grand Indonesia's Blitz Megaplex. Below are the photos taken from Kapanlagi.com.

A comic a day keeps the doctor away (especially if actor Iko Uwais reads that to us, hahaha)

Iko in action

Fans of Iko Uwais (codename Ayu), this post is for you:)


  1. just when everyone was busy talking about The Raid, I instead read the gossips of Jane Shalimar, the girlfriend of Iko Uwais, who said she received many bullying remarks from her bf's fans (they think she doesn't deserve Iko because she's a janda... LOL)... penting banget ya gue, tif... XD

  2. -_-" i saw her during the comic book launch. she actually seems nice. she shouldn't listen to the bullying, what matters is their relationship #eaa

  3. yeaaa, agreeee... I hope I won't get bullied when I'm officially engaged to Johnny Depp... hahahaaaa

  4. you will have vanessa paradis as your contender, hihihi